Pavement repairs

There are many pavements needing repairs and I have frequently asked for work to be progressed (on roads as well).

There is now a programme of 'Footpath Slurry Sealant' works about to take place in the Southside/Newington ward.  Some work scheduled for March with some follow up work done in the following weeks.

Here are the streets being programmed currently:

  • Lussielaw Road
  • MacDowell Road
  • Priestfield Crescent
  • Priestfield Road
  • Langton Road
Here is what is intended:
Slurry sealing is used to repair imperfections and to seal footway surfaces from the ingress of water to the underlying foundations.  This is a preventative treatment used to extend the useful life of a footway, delaying more significant and costly treatments.  It is a semi self-levelling system and is spread by hand using squeegees on top of the existing. 
It should be a quicker fix as well.


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